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Graphic Design Services

Loading... Finding the right artist for your graphic design project can be a real challenge, but luckily you have come to the right place! Joan Coleman is a professional freelance illustrator and digital artist specializing in a variety of graphic design and art development services. She has worked with over a hundred clients to create original artwork for apparel, company logos, advertising, websites, home décor, apps, video games, and more! Joan and Ink Wonderland also offer free price estimates and project consultations.

You can also learn about the illustration services Ink Wonderland offers on our BOOK ILLUSTRATION page. On our ABOUT PAGE you can find more information about our experience, background, and other services.

Graphic Design Examples


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  • Apparel Design 1
  • Apparel Design 2
  • Apparel Design 3
  • Apparel Design 4
  • Apparel Design 5
  • Apparel Design
  • Apparel Design 7
  • Apparel Design 8


  • Graphic Design 9
  • Graphic Design 10
  • Graphic Design 11
  • Graphic Design 12
  • Graphic Design 13
  • Graphic Design 14
  • Graphic Design 15
  • Graphic Design 16

Graphic Design Services

Apparel: Joan has designed the featured artwork on hundreds of t-shirts, hoodies, sweaters, jerseys, and similar apparel. She works in a variety of styles and techniques, and creates artwork for all varieties of mens, womens, juniors, kids, and infants apparel.

Logos: Ink wonderland can design logos for your company, brand, or product. We have affordable pricing and fast turnaround time.

Digital Graphics: Ink Wonderland can develop graphics, banners, and other custom images for your website or app.

Business Cards: We also create business cards and related promotional materials!

Gift Bags: Ink Wonderland can create and illustrate a wide range of gift bags, wrapping paper, greeting cards, and other printable materials for your business or organization.

Posters: Posters, home décor, murals, banners, wall-art, and related decorative artwork.

Product Packaging: Ink Wonderland has worked with several entrepreneurs and established organizations to design product packaging, hang-tags, care labels, and other merchandise related graphics.

Everything Else: If you need artwork or illustrations for any other graphic design project, use our CONTACT FORM to get in touch and see what we can do for you. Just let us know what your needs and expectations are for your graphic design project, and we will work with you to help your vision become a reality.

Visit our ABOUT PAGE to learn more about the illustration, graphic design, and website development services offered by Ink Wonderland.